Ask us about DynaCore
Our unique PTFE core technology provides crush resistance, tight bend radii, low structural VSWR, and easy trimming and stripping. Request a sample and see the advantages for yourself.
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Dynawave is the leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, standard and special, RF and microwave DC-60GHz connectors, adapters, blindmate interconnecting components and cable assemblies.
RF high power? We can do that!
Dynawave's DF500 cable series is specifically designed for RF high power applications. Cable assemblies with EIA, LC, HN, SC, N, and TNC connectors can be offered with power levels exceeding 50 Kwatts peak power.
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The DynaFlex® Cable Series easily handles the most challenging design specifications where size, weight, power, loss, phase stability, flexure or other requirements are critical. This is accomplished by employing our DynaCore® PTFE dielectric technology along with the latest computer controlled manufacturing processes.
Need weight reduction? We can do that!
Our DF300 series offers up to 40% weight reduction over standard cables. Contact us for details.
Need extreme flexure? We can do that!
The DF400 series is suited for applications exceeding 1 MILLION flexure cycles. Contact us for details.