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About Dynawave

Since our founding in 1985, the name Dynawave has stood for leadership in the design and manufacture of some of the world’s best standard and specialty RF and microwave coaxial cables, connectors, adaptors, and cable assemblies. From design to manufacture, we continue to bring new ideas to the defense industry as well as the commercial microwave, RF and wireless markets.

Our operations are centered in Haverhill, Massachusetts in a 65,000 sq. ft. modern multi-level facility built to our specifications. Our facility contains under one roof a design & engineering center, a machining center, multiple lines for the application of tape wrapped dielectric and cable shielding materials, and multiple extrusion lines capable of manufacturing dielectrics for a broad range of cable offerings ranging from those operating at very high frequency with low loss to high power products.  Our specialized equipment also produces what we feel are the finest cables available for applications which require phase stability over temperature.

At DYNAWAVE, any cable assembly leaving our plant has been tested for complete conformity with customer specifications in our test and measurement center; and test results for each such assembly are included with each product shipped.  All of our operations are certified to be fully compliant with ISO 9001 and AS 9100.  Our experienced workforce is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement, and the products which they produce always meet or exceed the electrical, mechanical, environmental and performance requirements of our most demanding customers.

The DYNAWAVE Advantage

At DYNAWAVE we have combined under one roof a high quality interconnect design and manufacturing function with a vertically integrated cutting edge coax cable operation.  This combination enables us to both anticipate and respond to industry demands by building and placing, in inventory, high demand cable, connectors, and in some cases complete assemblies.  This unique ability allows us to quote to customers expedited delivery dates for completed and pre-tested cable assemblies (2 weeks, often less) previously unheard of in the industry.  Check our new website periodically to see what we can offer you in our “DYNAWAVE EXPRESS” listings.

Our Engineers Are Your Partners

Balancing reliability with performance and cost is what our design engineers do best. They work with you to deliver complete computer generated documentation packages for solutions to your design challenges. We also have an extensive CAD-CAM machine shop devoted to support fast-turn prototypes, in addition to the major machining center that supports our standard production of components. What’s more, our engineers will personally stay with your project from concept and design, through manufacturing and delivery, for the life of your product (“womb to tomb”). Whether you need outsourcing of an existing product or total design for a new application, our engineering team is always available to provide solutions and support.

Quality Manufacturing

We do not believe in following; we believe in leading. With a manufacturing environment that encompasses process control and focused work centers, we can apply cutting-edge and testing manufacturing equipment and methods to both coaxial cable and interconnect production to achieve the highest quality available today. This is accomplished through a dedicated and knowledgeable work force operating state of the art equipment and having an average 20 years of experience. From our CNC machining processes to our automated and hands on assembly operations, we are committed to the latest manufacturing technologies that insure the most efficient processes while maintaining the highest quality possible.


Reliability Assured

All DYNAWAVE products undergo functional performance verification. Fully automated, software controlled and networked PNA test stations are used throughout our facility. Our test capabilities (DC to 67 GHz) encompass return loss (VSWR), insertion loss, attenuation, delay, phase matching, and TDR measurements. Data collection and product traceability are available to support your needs, and performance criteria are always tailored to meet your most stringent requirements. We apply shielding with our own braiding machines. We manufacture in house our own connector bodies and contacts. We mix and extrude or tape wrap, cable dielectrics to customer performance specifications. We jacket and mark finished cable in house where it is also cut to length, connectorized, and tested as a finished assembly and shipped to our customers along with those test results.