Connector Introduction
Since our founding in 1985, Dynawave has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, standard and special, RF and microwave DC-50GHz connectors, adapters, blindmate interconnecting components and cable assemblies. Today we continue to bring new ideas to the defense industry as well as the commercial microwave, RF and wireless industries. We have built respect through dynamic engineering capabilities and the follow through from design to manufacture. Dynawave’s state-of-the-art 45,000 sq. ft. engineering, machining and manufacturing facility is certified to ISO 9001. Our knowledgeable workforce is dedicated to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement. This allows us to meet or exceed the electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements of our most demanding customers.

Please contact us with your application, and allow us to provide you a precise solution.

2.92mm (DC-40.0 GHz.)BMA (DC-26.5 GHz.)Semi Rigid (DC-50.0 GHz.)Semi-Rigid Cable TypesGlass Feed Throughs
2.4mm (DC-50.0 GHz.)BMAM (DC-38.0 GHz.)Flexible (DC-40.0 GHz.)(DC-36.0 GHz.) Tab Contacts
SMA (DC-26.5 GHz.)SMP (DC-40.0 GHz.)Conformable (DC-50.0 GHz.) Slotted Contacts
SSMA (DC-46.0 GHz.)SMPM (DC-50.0 GHz.)Low Loss (DC-40.0 GHz.) Tools
MCX (DC-6.0 GHz.)SMPSM (DC-60.0 GHz.)Delay Line  
MMCX (DC-6.0 GHz.)In Series AdaptersHarness  
Type “N” (DC-18.0 GHz.)Between Series Adapters   
TNC (DC-18.0 GHz.)Specials    
In Series Adapters    
Between Series Adapters    

Our Engineers Are Your Partners
Balancing reliability with performance and cost is what our design engineers do best. They work with you, at no cost, to deliver complete computer generated documentation packages for solutions to your design challenges. We also have an extensive CAD-CAM machine shop devoted to support fast-turn prototypes, this is in addition to the major machining centers that supports our standard production of components. What’s more, they will personally stay with your project from concept and design through manufacturing and delivery, for the life of your product. Whether your need is outsourcing of an existing design or total design of a new application, our engineering team is always available to provide solutions and support.

Quality Manufacturing
We do not believe in following; we believe in leading. By designing a manufacturing environment that encompasses process control and focused work centers we can apply the most modern manufacturing methods to insure the highest quality, product integrity and cost effectiveness available today. This is accomplished through a dedicated and knowledgeable work force with over 20 years experience and a commitment to excellence, innovation, continuous improvement and ISO 9001 standards. From our CNC machining processes to our automated assembly operations we are committed to invest in the latest manufacturing technologies that insure the most efficient processes while maintaining an excellence of quality.

Reliability Guaranteed
All Dynawave products undergo functional performance verification. Fully automated, software controlled and networked AGILENT test stations are used throughout our facility. Our test capabilities (DC to 50 GHz) encompass return loss (VSWR), insertion loss, attenuation, delay, phase matching, and TDR measurements. Data collection and product traceability are available to support your needs, and performance criteria are always tailored to meet your most stringent requirements.

Customer Service
Quotes may be requested through our sales representative in your area or direct from our sales department in Haverhill, Massachusetts. When requesting a quote please provide the Dynawave part number, customer part number and revision, or verbal description.

Orders may be placed with our sales representative in your area or direct to our sales department in Haverhill, Massachusetts. When ordering, specify the Dynawave quote number. The minimum order requirement is $250. Terms are net 30. Dynawave accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Shipping charges are F.O.B. Haverhill, Massachusetts. Dynawave will ship UPS Ground prepay and add unless otherwise requested. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization from Dynawave.

The seller warrants that, at the time of shipment, the products manufactured by the seller are free from defects in material and workmanship. The seller’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacement or repair of such products within one year from the date of shipment. The seller is in no event liable for consequential damages, installation cost or other costs of any nature as a result of the use of the products manufactured by the seller, whether used in accordance with instructions or not. This warranty is in lieu of all others, either expressed or implied including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No representative is authorized to assume for the seller any other or additional liability in connection with the seller’s products.