Dynawave Cable Recommended for AS9100 Registration!

Dynawave announces the recent successful completion of UL DQS's AS9100 Stage 2 Audit and the recommendation of Dynawave's Cable Group for AS9100 Certified Status.

AS9100 Certification comprises many additional requirements over ISO 9001 - A status earned in 1997 by Dynawave's Connector Group and maintained to this day.

AS9100 Certification is a prestigious status requiring companies to demonstrate practices and capabilities which meet the demanding, complex and unique requirements of the defense and commercial aerospace industry. This status is only available to companies which pass strict audit requirements and rigorous evaluations of their contract review, training, manufacturing, design and engineering processes for conformance with the high standard of quality required in the aerospace industry.

"The AS9100 standard requires a dedicated effort to quality and continuous improvement within a company," said Mike Dombrowski, Quality and Reliability Manager at Dynawave. "The longstanding commitment of our President, our Managers, and our Employees to customer satisfaction made the implementation of a robust quality Management System such as AS9100 possible and more importantly, successful."

Quality Manufacturing
We do not believe in following; we believe in leading. By designing a manufacturing
environment that encompasses process control and focused work centers we can apply the most modern manufacturing methods to insure the highest quality, product integrity and cost effectiveness available today. This is accomplished through a dedicated and knowledgeable work force with over 20 years experience and a commitment to excellence, innovation, continuous improvement and ISO 9001 standards. From our CNC machining processes to
our automated assembly operations we are committed to invest in the latest manufacturing technologies that insure the most efficient processes while maintaining an excellence of quality.

All Dynawave products undergo functional performance verification. Fully automated, software controlled and networked AGILENT test stations are used throughout our facility. Our test capabilities (DC to 67 GHz) encompass return loss (VSWR), insertion loss, attenuation, delay, phase matching, and TDR measurements. Data collection and product traceability are available to support your needs, and performance criteria are always tailored to meet your most stringent requirements.

ISO-9001-Certificate-5-31-2021.pdfISO 9001 Certificate
AS9100D-DCI-Certificate-7-14-2020AS9100 Dynawave Cable Inc Certification