DynaCore® Technology
DynaCore® Improves System Performance
The lowest structural VSWR in the industry provides more “Head Room” for tight electrical specifications and reduces fine grain variations in phase and attenuation.
DynaCore® technology produces smooth, homogenous, low density PTFE structures with enhanced mechanical and electrical characteristics.Competitive Products apply multiple layers of (PTFE) tapes wrapped over each other. These type of constructions produce air gaps which cause variations in density and signal reflections as show below.
This data shows the typical gated VSWR of the DF465 series cables with DynaCore®, compared to a typical (PTFE) tape wrapped cable.
DynaCore® Reduces Rework Costs
The most compression resistant PTFE cores in the industry protect against damage related to difficult routing, cable clamping, and field installation.
Round geometries become oval in tight bends causing low impedance sections in coaxial cables. Low impedance results in phase shift and high VSWR.
Bend RadiusPTFE Tape Ovality %DynaCore® Ovality %
2x outer dia.2.4%0%
DynaCore® has five times more compression resistance than PTFE tape.

40lbs/in equals the weight of average adult stepping on an unprotected section of DynaCore® with no measurable change in diameter.

80lbs/in equals the force of an over tightened cable clamp, producing only a 1% change in the core diameter.
Compression Force (lbs/in)PTFE Tapes Diameter Change
(78% VP core)
DynaCore Diameter Change
(78% VP core)
40lbs/linear inch.3%0%
80lbs/linear inch.9%1%
DynaCore® Improves Assembly Yields
The only low density PTFE cores in the industry that work with automated trimming equipment to provide consistently better terminations and time savings.
DynaCore® products easily cut and strip using automated cable trimming equipment.
DynaCore® products reduce connector assembly times, improve process repeatability, and give better terminations. They easily cut and strip using automated cable trimming equipment.
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