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How we work
with you

How we work
with you

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Request for

Orders, questions, and specifications can be directed to a sales representative in your area or placed directly with the sales department at our office in Haverhill, MA.


Our in-house engineers concept and design the cables, connectors, and assemblies to meet the specifications of your order.

Prototyping &

Next our engineers will manufacture samples to match specifications, and test mechanical assumptions for efficiency of design.

Design Validation

Validate tooling and process steps for production.


With the job approved, our manufacturing department will replicate the tested design to meet your specifications, quantity, and timeline.


Before any product leaves our building, it is rigorously tested under a series of conditions. With every step under our roof and no one to blame for unmet specifications, intensive quality assurance is a must for every client and every order. All shipments include a customer specification verification sheet to guarantee product testing and quality checks prior to shipment.


Whether you need a standard order in rapid turnaround or a custom assembly for unique use, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs on your timeframe.