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Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

Our flexible cable assemblies are designed for superior loss and stability characteristics and provide unrivaled mechanical durability for any project.

ArcTite® flexible cable assemblies (DC-40.0 GHz) provide ultra-low profile bends and high density connections - an ideal alternative for right angle connectors without the need for supplemental strain relief.

DynaTest™ flexible cable assemblies (DC- 26.5 GHz) are designed for precision, repeatable performance at cost-effective pricing. Ideal for production testing applications including engineering labs, bench top testing, portable field testing, and automated test equipment.

DynaFlex® flexible cable assemblies are designed with our unique DynaCore® dielectric technology and offer broadband RF & microwave performance (DC - 40 GHz), superior loss and stability characteristics, and outstanding mechanical durability.

PhaseTite® (DC - 40 GHz) flexible cable assemblies are designed with our next generation DynaCore® PS dielectric technology, and offer breakthrough phase stability versus temperature performance.