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Design Aids

With an endless array of project challenges, we have developed a series of resources to help guide our customers.

Tools for
every need

Tools for
every need

From design configurators and insertion loss calculators to cheat sheets of helpful formulas – these tools can help guide you toward an optimal solution for your most complex projects.

This simple charting system allows you to experiment with custom assemblies along with real-time quotes to configure and compare project path solutions.

This engineering design tool provides a quick and accurate determination of IL at any specific frequency and allows comparison of multiple designs on the same screen.

Our expertise is what makes us unique and our engineers have captured some recent frequently asked questions to share here.

These standard algorithms can be used to calculate expected phase change of Dynawave coaxial cables for any given temperature range, as well as to determine wave length, attenuation, time delay and more.

This handy chart allows you to compare Dynawave products to our competitors by part number and product type. We stand by the quality and transparency of our offerings.