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Ultra-low profile bends

  • Ultra-low profile height of 0.54 inch (13.7 mm)
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Replaces higher cost, lower performance right angle solutions
  • Retains performance in bent condition
  • Ideal for high density packaging
  • Available in 0.086 and 0.141 cable sizes
  • DC-40 GHz


ArcTite® series cable assemblies provide ultra-low profile bends without the need for  supplemental strain relief boots. Dynawave’s innovative connector designs conform to the MIL-STD-348 interface specification and utilize a 360° internal solder termination for high reliability and enhanced shielding effectiveness.

These assemblies are ideal for high density, internal module connections and provide a cost-effective, higher performance alternative to right angle connectors. ArcTite® assemblies replace standard 0.086 and 0.141 custom semi-rigid cables eliminating the need for complex, pre-defined bends.

arctite cable drawing

ArcTite® assemblies are available in standard lengths with SMA, SSMA, SMP, and 2.92 mm connectors, ready for quick delivery. Hybrid assemblies with traditional MCX or SMP right angle connectors on one end are also available to make PCB terminations.