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Providing Superior RF Products since 1985 and Delivering Them In Record Time

Welcome to the new website of the Dynawave Companies.  We are in our fourth decade of designing and manufacturing the highest quality coaxial microwave cable and interconnect components for the military, aerospace, medical, homeland security, test and measurement, entertainment and wireless markets.  It is noteworthy that our products have been, and continue to be, instrumental in the creation and maintenance of the cellular telephone infrastructure of the United States.

What’s very different, and very unique, about us today is that we manufacture (from raw materials) all critical components of our finished products, whether interconnects, high or low power coaxial cables, or finished and pre-tested cable assemblies.  This is done in our 65,000 square foot facility located in Haverhill, MA.  If you are asking what this may mean to you, the answer is that you can expect to receive delivery of your order far sooner than will be available from more vendor-reliant companies, which comprise the vast majority, if not all, of our competitors. Further, you also can expect the highest quality product possible since we control the design, manufacture and assembly of all critical components.  In this connection, please click on our site’s Dynawave Express heading to access the growing list of products qualifying for expedited delivery to you.

If you require a high quality cable assembly for a specified application, you should click on our site’s heading entitled Design Aides where you will find in the drop down choices a Design Cable Configurator.  By following the instructions, you will be able to create an assembly design best suited for your needs; but we encourage you to confirm your choice with our experienced engineering department. An RF engineer will either personally discuss your choices with you or will direct you to one of our many engineers with specialized knowledge of the products to be discussed.  Or, if you prefer, call an experienced engineer who will help you use the configurator, or to assist in fine tuning your design, or, if appropriate, suggest changes or modifications.  If your application is to some extent unspecified, or if it involves unusual design challenges or unknowns, we can help you customize an assembly which will overcome your challenges and will perform as required.

Our new website incorporates parametric search capability whereby you can access pictures, dimensions and specifications for thousands of Dynawave connectors and adapter designs which we can manufacture and supply.  The same is true for a wide variety of cable assembly choices, many of which either do, or can, incorporate Dynawave’s proprietary dielectrics known as DYNACORE® (the high frequency, low loss “gold standard”) or PhaseTite® (unparalleled stability in phase-matched apps).

We also invite you to learn here about our evolving line of reliable and economical test cables, including the DynaTest® series, which has already been marketed and the soon to be introduced “BLACK CHROME”.  And be sure to read about our “ArcTite®” line of conformable cable assemblies which have solved the widespread industry need for high frequency short assemblies operating reliably in tight spaces.

We hope that our new website strikes you as inviting as we want it to be, that it’s as easy to use as it’s designed to be, and, above all, that it encourages you to communicate with us on a regular basis about your product needs, your criticisms and concerns, our solutions, and our fully integrated ability and desire to outperform our competitors in the areas of quality, delivery and price.  Your return trips will be rewarded by frequent new product postings and blogs designed to familiarize you with the unique advantages of choosing Dynawave products in order to Assure Your RF System’s Superiority.