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What we do

What sets Dynawave apart from competitors is our vertically integrated, end-to-end control of every product that we release to our customers. Every cable, connector, and assembly is designed and manufactured on site and on time to exacting specifications.

for every need

for every need

Custom Solutions

Reliability, performance, and competitive cost under one roof. Our team possesses all the technical resources necessary to provide the exact level of support you require to develop a new application solution for any specification or problem you bring.

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In-House Manufacturing

We manufacture cables, assemblies, connectors and adaptors right here under the same roof where our engineers design. This allows us to track progress, make adjustments, perform quality control, and ship every product to our specifications and on our timeline.

Test & Measurement

Our capabilities encompass a full range of electrical and environmental tests.

Design Expertise

Our in-house engineers create CAD models and run extensive testing to accurately determine the most applicable solution for your project needs.

DynaCore Technology

Built to improve system performance and provide the lowest structural VSWR in the industry.

for every need

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